Container Transport Services

Our Fleet

Our modern and diverse fleet of vehicles, equipped with alarms and engine immobilisers ensure that the security of your cargo is never compromised. By renewing our vehicles on a regular basis our fleet includes the latest technology and engine efficiencies, fuel economy and reduced CO2emissions - something we at YCT take very seriously.

Our Fleet

Our fleet includes 20ft/40ft Sliding Bogie Skeletal Trailers, 20ft rigid vehicles and various other specialised pieces of equipment.

Driver training is also something on which we pride ourselves. All of our drivers understand that they are our ambassadors and represent our clients at the "front line". In turn, we provide outstanding driver comfort, helping us work around the clock for you.


The diversity of our fleet means that we can provide for all your container transport needs. We operate 20ft/40ft sliding bogies skeletal trailers and 20ft/40ft low loader trailers, complemented by our rigid vehicles.


So for those destinations or loading points where access is limited, we have the vehicles that get where standard equipment cannot.

Whatever size container 20ft, 30ft, 40ft, or 45ft, we can move it!


YCT - whatever you need, whenever you need it!